Network hardware replacement

Our IT team was tasked with finding ways to replace existing networking equipment with as much transparency as possible for the customer. 

Focus areas included bringing stability and reliability to the network though:

  • internet connection
  • WIFI
  • replace current VPN with a stable and robust solution that is low cost per endpoint
  • installation of outdoor WIFI
  • Introduction of VLAN’s
  • provide system capability of growing but contains a feature set that can grow with the client’s needs (such as allowing for CCTV and Door Entry control)
  • implement backup and cloud storage
  • make VPN cost effective


​ ​Customer feedback:

“1 years – post installation no outages from point of installation, has remained stable and dependable and robust to date.”

“The new feature set has been amazing.”

“Extremely cost effective, easy to use, easy to understand, easy to expand for future requirements.”