Mobile Testing

Bringing the TIS workshop to you.

Our commitment to safety and quality means we’re consistently using our inhouse expertise to design, build and operate innovative solutions that help our team and customers stay safe and operating efficiently.

Mobile testing container

We worked with Ventil to design and build a purpose built 20ft workshop container that takes our relief valve testing capabilities on the road, giving our customers access to the TIS skillset and technology without having to take equipment away from site and saving valuable time.

Relief valve testing, calibration and overhaul capability with air/water:

<300 bar, <10 inch

Hose testing trailer

With safety as our priority, our high-pressure hose testing trailer has been designed to keep the tester out of the hazardous area, and uses cameras to monitor the device and remote control of the test pressure.

Max. pressure:

Hydrostatic <1000 bar, hydraulic <700 bar

Onsite testing services:

  • Hydrotesting: Pipework and tubing providing a digital chart or physical print out (chart recorder)
  • Level test rig: Using bridle on site utilizing any liquid