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TIS provides a comprehensive pressure calibration service to meet any requirements.

We are IANZ accredited for pressure calibrations both in our laboratory or on-site from vacuum up to 1600 bar (23,000 psi). 

We have many years of experience and expertise in on-site field calibrations with a large inventory of accurate and reliable test equipment and calibrators.

In the laboratory we use an ultra-high accuracy dead weight tester as well as a range of high accuracy reference gauges maintained to rigorous standards to provide our clients with accurate, reliable, and dependable results for their equipment.

TIS can also offer IANZ accredited hydro-testing of fabricated pressure systems such as hydraulic or pneumatic control panels, pipework, hoses and fittings.

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TIS is now IANZ accredited for the calibration of volumetric flowmeters using a gravimetric weighing method of a delivered volume.

We are also a Blue-tick accredited service provider for the verification of water meters to comply with consent requirements.

TIS own a portable flow rig that is self-contained, that can be used in the TIS workshop, or on a customer’s site, to verify flowmeters used for water.

Portable clamp-on calibration checks are also able to be performed for a “non-intrusive” and “in-situ” calibration method.

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TIS is also IANZ accredited for temperature calibration including survey and validation of temperature controlled enclosures. Click here for our terms of accreditation.

Using a range of dryblock calibrators and liquid baths we can calibrate your temperature probes and meters as a system to ensure complete confidence in your temperature measuring equipment. In applications where it is not possible or feasible to access the probe for calibration, we routinely calibrate transmitters and indicators by electrical stimulation of the probe element.

We can also calibrate dryblock and liquid bath temperature calibrators including spatial surveys if required.

IANZ Accredited spatial surveys of temperature controlled enclosures such as incubators, ovens and refrigerators is now also part of the services we can offer. Spatial surveys are carried out using multiple test probes and dataloggers allowing up to 24 test sites to be monitored and recorded simultaneously. In addition, we can also validate the loads for autoclave sterilisers to ensure the proper requirements for sterilisation are being meet throughout the entire load.

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TIS is now also IANZ accredited for the calibration of Type II Torque Setting devices such as standard click torque wrenches up to 800 N.m.

Our test stand is portable and easily transported to site allowing us to calibrate your wrenches at your location meaning next to no out-of-service time for accredited calibrations for your wrenches.

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Gas Detection

TIS can provide portable and fixed gas detector solutions for your work site be it rental or sale.

We perform gas detector calibrations in our lab as per AS/NZS 60079.29.2 to ensure the safety of your staff and equipment.

TIS also service portable gas detectors, field point detectors or line-of-site (LOS) types.

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