On Site Maintenance Solution for Valves

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On Site Maintenance Solution for Valves


The setup of the container workshop is impressive. Its well-organised and ensures seamless operations. Moreover, the inclusion of the hydraulic bench is a real win, significantly reducing the time required to turnaround a valve.

The elimination of the need for transport is another major advantage. With the container workshop conveniently stationed on-site, the logistical complexities and costs associated with sending valves to an external workshop are completely mitigated. This streamlined approach not only saves valuable time but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient process.

Having technicians readily available on-site is a real is also advantageous. The immediate accessibility to skilled professionals facilitates quick decision-making, troubleshooting, and efficient communication. This personalized interaction ensures that any concerns or queries are promptly addressed, leading to quicker resolutions, and enhanced overall satisfaction.

– Maintenance manager

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Project Overview

TIS have over 15 years experience serving New Zealand’s industrial sector. We excel in industrial electrical construction projects, Instrument fitting, tubing, mechanical installations, servicing and overhaul of all types of valves. We are also experts in calibration with both our lab and valve testing facility holding IANZ accreditation. We pride ourselves on being able to offer solutions fully concept and manufactured in house to meet client needs.

In this particular case study we are highlighting our ability to come to you and service relief valves. Reducing risk of damage during transport, cost of transport, increasing visibility, encouraging efficiency through on-site communication and schedule reporting.

The Client

The client in this case study is the one of the largest onshore gas producing sites in the country. They are challenged by their remote location and condition of roading infrastructure. 

Project Objectives

Project Solution

TIS identified that when servicing multiple PSV’s such as shutdown times it was more efficient to take the workshop to the valve rather than the valve to the workshop. Using a purpose built, self-contained test workshop we can minimise transport issues.


New Zealand roads can be bad at the best of times but, when you are transporting your safety critical elements on them there can be added issues. Transporting pressure relief devices is required to be in a secure vertical position, this is to avoid discs moving across nozzles thus avoiding seat damage. All valves should be subject to an ‘as found test’, this test confirms the condition the valve was when it was last in process. Seat damage, either by transportation or bad handling, can give a false indication of the condition of the valve in service. Testing onsite removes this risk. Moving valves across site and not across the country.


The TIS approach reduces the risk of valve damage in transit, increases test accuracy, increases efficiency, provides simple communication, a high rate of schedule reporting and provides open honest approach. TIS strives to provide the best value to customers by upholding high quality, HSE and efficiency standards. With Work safe requiring full reporting of valve failures, you must ask yourselves – how many of these failures are from transport issues travelling on our country roads from site to workshop? We deliver quality giving you confidence your valves will protect you plant when you really need them.


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