Who are we?


Established in Taranaki in 2006, TIS supports customers around New Zealand with extensive industry experience to design, develop and deliver practical and fit-for-purpose solutions backed by a suite of internationally recognised accreditations.

Thomas Wiseman

General Manager

From humble beginnings as a TIS instrumentation apprentice in 2013, Tom quickly proved himself as a leader and management professional, leaning on his extensive hands-on industry experience to drive the TIS values of quality, value and performance for the betterment of the business.

As a qualified Instrument Technician and Registered Electrical Inspector, Tom leads the team with a technical lens alongside a passion for innovation, staff development and solution-focused customer engagement.

In his role as General Manager, Tom’s focus is on delivering our core services with exceptional quality and skill, as well as preparing the business for the energy and industries transitions for a low-carbon and digital future.

Paul Martin
Quality & Lab Manager

As member of the IANZ Metrology & Calibration Professional Advisory Committee, Paul takes quality and accuracy seriously.

Pete Swann
Workshop Manager

From 1980’s nuclear to 2020’s future fuels, Pete’s extensive experience in the ever-changing energy industries has made him the guru when it comes to valve maintenance. 

Scott Coombe

Mechanical Team Manager

A boat builder by trade, Scott supervises the crews that keep the TIS mechanical workshop running at full steam.

Kyle Langridge

Projects Team Lead

From marine systems to mechanical fabrication, Kyle brings a creative and collaborative engineering perspective to the TIS team.

Keryn Stothard
Office Manager/HSEQ Coordinator

Keryn’s passion for wellbeing and compliance helps keep our teams safe and healthy, and our business on track. 

Ellie Hills
Business Development

Working alongside the TIS technical teams, Ellie’s focus is to identify and establish meaningful and productive relationships with our strategic partners and customers.

Our values

Our code of conduct is simple, and is aligned to our core motto: Best people, best work.

This means we’re committed to employing good people, being a safe place to work, and a great company to do business with. 

Sustainable work practises

As an employer, TIS is aligned to the recommended processes defined by Employment NZ regarding ethical and sustainable work practises.


As a team, we are proactive and focused on achieving successful outcomes of high quality services, on time, for the best value for our customers together


Our Fitness for Work policy ensures that employees can perform at their best, and are aware of support services and expected behaviours regarding health & safety


We are committed to a zero-harm culture. This means the responsibility of physical, mental and emotional health is a collaborative effort between all of the TIS team members


We are consistently investigating initiatives that will have positive impacts on our environmental sustainability and supply chain and procurement processes, including child or slave labour


We are committed to the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour


We are proud to sponsor events and initiatives that provide positive impacts for our local communities. 

Contact us directly for sponsorship applications.

  • 2022 Taranaki Special Children’s Extravaganza
  • Taranaki Animal Protection Trust
  • Autism NZ Inc.
  • Hospice Golf Day
  • Taranaki Retreat
  • Waitara Central School 
  • Engineering Taranaki Consortium Awards 2019

Sharing our services

When it comes to the next wave of innovation, TIS partners with education providers, research facilities and accelerator programs to build the next generation of energy, process and technology systems through our in-house fabrication, testing and technical support services.

We’re also happy to provide access to our high quality services for community initiatives that keep people safe and able to achieve their goals. 

  • Test & tagging of electrical equipment for non-profit & community groups
  • Meeting room availability
  • Recycling and donations



The energy future

Hydrogen specialists

As New Zealand’s hydrogen infrastructure and economy develops, we are here to ensure that that the early adopters have access to a reliable, safe and commercially viable supply.

As the industries we support transition to low-carbon operations, H2X has invested in developing generation, storage and transport solutions for hydrogen from our Taranaki base.

We’re committed to being the best in the
industry, and employ and train the best tradespeople who share our values of quality and excellence.